Mune-ate (Samurai Chest Protector)

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Mune-ate (chest protector)

Mune-ate (chest protector) is a kind of apron/chest protector, worn by samurai/ fireman as well as Teppo Tai Samurai and ashigaru (special matchlock rifle troops), commonly worn during Edo era. While on fire patrol, or of course fighting fires, samurai would wear a kaji haori (wool fire coat), kaji muneate and kaji hachigane (headband), often made from wool, satin, ramie (linen fiber) and lined with thick paper to add stiffness. 

Teppo tai mune-ate were worn by both samurai and ashigaru while out their of armor, to protect their chest from the black powder blast back.  The wool to make these muneate had to be imported to Japan and was quite costly, but didn’t need to be soaked in water like the linen muneate worn by peasant and ashigaru while fighting fires.

Iron Mountain Armory keeps with tradition by crafting their mune-ate with the same traditional materials, wool, satin, hemp linen and hemp paper. 

We offer several colors and we will custom embroider a clan or your own custom mon to the chest.  Select from our standard size or have it custom sized for you.



  • Traditional mune-ate design and materials from a historical piece.
  • Standard muneate sizing is 24×12 inches (60×30 cm).
  • Full customization options are available

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