Tate-Eri (Shoulder Protection)

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TTE-Tate Eri
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Shoulder Protection

Tate-Eri (tate-yeri or eri-nawashi no eri-dai), are a removable armored collar designed with a dual purpose: to protect the neck and shoulder of the warrior while making the wearing of the do (samurai cuirass) more comfortable.  

The eri-dai (padded shoulder yoke) sits over the warriors shoulders and covers the upper back with kikko (hexagon armor plates) to protect the outer shoulders. The Tate-Eri (raised collar) features kikko that would help protect the wearers throat and neck from attacks.  The kikko, are sewn between the layered material and backed by cotton padding. This provides added protection from edged and blunted attacks.   

This style of protection was often tied inside the do and became more common toward the end of the Sengoku Era and into the Edo Era, replacing the Manju-Wa (a similar type of under-armor protection). Although there are several different designs, our dedicated  katchu (armor crafter) at Iron Mountain Armory has faithfully reproduced the most common style of tate-eri.  

Gashira and Taisho class suits come with the tate-eri already included, this can replace an existing or be added to a Kachi do for more protection, comfort and style.

Features: Tate-Eri

  • Traditional design.
  • Material, color, odoshi-ge (lacing) and sasa heri (cloth trim) options.
  • Each tate-eri features kikko plating sewn within.