Hachi Goshozan Gashira Class Kabuto

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Hachi Goshozan Gashira Class Kabuto

Hachi Goshozan is an economical hachi “bowl” kabuto crafted by the Iron Mountain Armory.

Traditionally known as “Ichi Mai-bari Suji-fuse Kabuto” the hachi is crafted from a single piece of steel in the shape of a Goshozan kabuto. It is then decorated with suji (ribs) to imitate the raised ridges on a suji-bachi (laminated bowl) and byo toji (decorative rivets).

When finished the Hachi Goshozan kabuto appears to be very similar to a Suji-Bachi kabuto but much more economical.

Ichi Mai-bari Suji-fuse Kabuto originally appeared during the Heian period (794 ~1185) but was less protective and decorative than the multi plated suji-bachi kabuto. Because of this it lost popularity until the Edo period (1603 ~ 1868), when armor became more decorative over functional.

The gashira katchû-shi (armorer) makes the shikoro in the traditional method of hand cutting lames of steel, hammering, polishing, painting and finally hand lacing a quality cotton odoshi, using the color of your choice.  The ukebari (helmet lining) of the Hachi Goshozan is then carefully fitted to the inside of the hachi (bowl of helmet) to finish the kabuto.

Please note the product images shows a simulated 8 ken (plate) Hachi-Goshozan kabuto with options included.

You can request more simulated plates.  Optional byo-toji (raised rivets) can be added to the hachi. Mayu (embossed eye brows) can be added to the visor, giving your Hachi Gozhozan a more unique look. For an extra touch of class, a copper fukurin (edging) can be added as well.  To receive your kabuto as pictured, you will need to enable these options when ordering.

Features: Gashira Class Hachi Goshozan.

  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes portable stand.


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