Kendo Bamboo Shinai

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Our Kendo Shinai is the perfect bamboo training sword for Kendo practitioners.

 Shinai are crafted to create a neutral balance with a round grip that offers the practitioner all the performance needed whilst avoiding serious injury during practice sessions. It is made using four thick sheaves of bamboo tied together with a leather-covered handle for a strong and comfortable grip.

The Shinai also has a leather cap at the tip that keeps the slats together so as to not hurt (or poke) anyone after a strike.

With its lightweight and durable construction, the Shinai is an amazing tool to safely practice hitting and striking techniques in Kendo.


Designed for Kendo practitioners

Made of high-quality bamboo
Lightweight and durable
Comes with tsuba(handguard) and tsubadome(stopper)
Serves as an aid for practice and demonstrations


This product is used for practice training only.

We will not be held liable for any damage sustained through the misuse of this product.

Please see your instructors before use.