Kikko Gane Obi (Armored Belt)

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KIKKO - O Kikko Gane Obi
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Kikko Gane Obi
(Armored Belt)

 Kikko Gane Obi is a traditional armored “cummerbund” like belt (or sash) crafted with small hexagonal cut steel plates, which are fitted tightly together and then quilted between several layers of cloth.  The tightly fitted kikko (hexagon plates), backed by layers of thick asa (hemp linen), provide multiple layers of protection which will resist both the slashing and thrusting of blades. This creates a very flexible yet robust armored belt, which is both comfortable to wear and offers a great level of protection.

This style of armor was worn by samurai specifically to protect their stomach and hips without hindering their mobility.  It could be worn over or under the urugi ito (lacing that attaches the kusazuri or gessan to the do) or of course without armor.  Wearing it over the armor will protect the odoshi (lacing) from being cut while in combat.

The Kikko Gane Obi armored belt was a common auxiliary / under armor worn by Daimyo and samurai throughout  the Sengoku Era (medieval era) and “pieceful” Edo Era of Japan. This versatile armored belt offered very good protection from both slash and thrusted weapons without hindering mobility. A layer of padding can be added for extra protection and comfort. We can also add external hishi-nui (knots) using odoshi (lace) which strengthens the belt further by holding the plates more firmly in place as well as adding an extra layer of protection over the kikko, when it is tied over the asa. The kikko gane obi protects the “gap” in the samurai armor waist area. 

This traditional auxiliary armor saved the lives of many samurai warriors and makes a great addition to any armor collection, or used by martial artist, historical re-enactor, LARP, SCA or cosplay use.

Kikko Gane Obi Features:

  • Traditional size / length and material
  • Available in several color options
  • 15cm wide with customizable length


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