Red Warrior Katana / 1060CS /

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"Red Warrior" Samurai Katana

 This gorgeous katana is handforged of  beautiful 1060 Carbon steel and is beautifully polished with no visible hammon line.

Suitable for the hands of a professional only, in martial arts demonstrations and for the walls / sword cabinets/racks of collectors.

Outstanding attention to detail , authentic ray-skin on the Tsuka (White) wrapped with black cotton sageo.

The Saya is Red laquered with a black cotton sageo to match the tsuka.

The Tsuba features the portrait of a battle hardened Samurai warrior poised to strike with precision,
and Kanji on the bottom.

The blade is V/sharp and is highly polished using multiple grade stones. Interesting to note this one does not
have the usual visible hammon line along its edge giving it a very mirror like appearance. Stunning!

The weight is just 1.5kgs, and feels great.



 Overall Length:     103 cm

 Blade   Length:      73 cm

 Handle Length:      27 cm 

 Blade: AISI 1060 Carbon Steel

 Saya :  High quality red wooden Saya

 Handle :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood


Warning: These swords are illegal/restricted in some states/areas, if u are unsure please contact your local authorities to confirm legalities. By purchasing this item you confirm that you understand and have conformed to all laws within your state/territory. We will not be held responsible or liable for any reason of non-compliance.