Ressei Somen Taisho (Fierce Full Mask Armor)

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MPO-RES-1T Ressei Somen
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Ressei  Somen

Ressei Somen (So-Men – Full Mask) are full-faced mengu (facial armor) worn by Samurai warrior and Daimyo during both the Sengoku and Edo period. This Gendai (modern) reproduction of an original original so-men mengu, samurai menpo (mask), which covers the entire face instead of just the lower portion. 

This Taisho ressei somen has a fierce face that features facial wrinkles (shiwa), posts (odayori ore kugi), detachable nose guard (hana), ear covers (mimi) and throat guard (tare).  This is a very unique and beautiful somen, which looks great worn with your samurai yoroi, displayed with your kabuto or by itself with the optional display stand.

Our menpo, like all of our armor, are full sized and functional.  It can fit your existing kabuto or looks great displayed by itself with one of our Menpo Display Stands, worn for decoration, at a re-enactment, LARP, steampunk or cosplay.

Features: Taisho Ressei Somen

Traditional design.

Full sized and functional.

Various tare, paint, art silk lace and mustache options available.


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