Traditional Tattsuke-Bakama (Samurai Pants)

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TTB Tattsuke-Bakama
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Tattsuke Bakama

Samurai Pants

Tattsuke Bakama are a traditional design from original tattsuke bakama from the Sengoku Era.  They include the kyahan (leggings with straps), attached to the hakama below the knee. 

The Tattsuke Bakama are a form of hakama that were worn by the warrior samurai class during the Sengoku and Edo Era in Japan (1467 – 1868 A.D.). Like the traditional Umanori hakama (pre-1600 A.D.), the tattsuke-bakama (aka: karusan bakama, iga bakama or tattuke hakama, samurai pant), ties at the waist, but has narrow knees with attached kyahan. It also has slits along the thigh and behind the calf to help with comfort and flexibility. The pant leg will balloon out over the knee and tie securely around the shin with the attached kyahan (leggings). This feature helps the suneate (shin armor) sit more securely and stops the lower pant legs from snagging on brush while marching.  The most important feature might be the slit in the front to help with bathroom breaks.

These traditional Tattsuke Bakama are well known for their use by the samurai warrior class and the cinematic “ninja” (shinobi pants / ninja pants). Today, they are often worn by taiko drummers, yobidashi and of course budo martial artists. They are also becoming more popular amongst Ninjutsu and Kobudo martial artists. Because Iron Mountain Armory uses a traditional design, they are perfect for historical re-enactors, martial artists, modern shinobi, cosplay, larp, sca members and those wanting a traditional Japanese samurai style pant.

Our samurai clothing and accessories are featured in many movies, tv series, documentaries, including the docudrama“Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan” by Netflix & the Smithsonian Channel.

Traditional Bakama are secured around the waist by four himo (straps); two longer himo attached on either side of the front of the garment, and two shorter himo attached on either side of the rear. Front himo are wrapped around the back and tied in front, under the pant.  The rear himo are then wrapped through / around the front himo, at the waist, and tied under the hakama in the front.  When tied in this manner the himo are not visible, nor can they be pulled or snagged during combat or training.


Features:  traditional tattsuke-bakama

Traditional Tattsuke-Bakama (samurai pant) design.

Made from traditional cotton fabrics.

Custom sizing available.

We are the ONLY exclusively licensed Dealer of quality armour for the world renowned Iron Mountain Armoury in Australia.