ZEN Bushido 9260CS /Folded/Clay Tempered Hammon Samurai Daisho Set(Katana / Wakizashi / Tanto)

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"ZEN Bushido"

9260CS - Handforged, Folded, Clay Tempered Hammon Master Samurai Daisho Set

( Katana / Wakizashi / Tanto)


This beautiful custom set is handforged of 9260 High Carbon steel in the folded style and includes an incredible master clay tempered hammon showing off its stunning edge.

Suitable for the hands of a professional only, in tameshigiri and for the walls / sword cabinets/racks of collectors.

Outstanding attention to detail , authentic ray-skin on the Tsuka (Black) with custom Gold / Metallic  ito wrap.

The Saya are Deep Gloss Black triple lacquered  & with  Gold / Metallic cotton/silk sageo to match the tsuka.

Offset colours are set to represent a form of balance , harmony and oneness with the blade creating a truly unique set.

The custom Tsuba on this set is to signify that of the Onmyodo (Yin/Yang ).  Acheiving a striking appearance yet retaining all of the beauty of

the classic samurai style - the ZEN Bushido set is a classy, traditional looking set with a modern edge and a unique eye catching draw to its nature.


All colours for the Sageo / Ito cord , saya , and same (ray skin) can be customised.


The blades are sharp and are highly polished using multiple grade stones and have been forged for both Tameshigiri and aesthetics in mind making it a very balanced and recommended blade set & type .

The 9260 folded high carbon steel gives these blades the unique ability to be highly flexible and return to shape under stress, also retaining a nice edge after cutting with its hardened hammon and not requiring the blade to be sharpened as regularly.

A traditional yet modern functional classic blade   !!




 Overall Length:     104 cm

 Blade   Length:      71 cm

 Handle Length:      27 cm 

 Blade: AISI 9260 Carbon Steel - Folded - Clay tempered custom Hammon

 Saya :  High quality wood Saya

 Handle  :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood

1.1KG ( without saya)



 Overall Length:     76 cm

 Blade   Length:      51 cm


 Handle Length:      21 cm 


 Blade:  Blade: AISI 9260 Carbon Steel - Folded - Clay tempered custom Hammon


 Saya :  High quality wood Saya


 Handle  :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood

0..92KG (without saya)





 Overall Length:     50 cm


  Blade   Length:      29.5 cm


  Handle Length:      19.5 cm 


  Blade:  Blade: AISI 9260 Carbon Steel - Folded - Clay tempered custom Hammonl


  Saya :  High quality wood Saya


  Handle  :Genuine ray skin / Hardwood

0.72KG (without saya)




Warning: These swords are illegal/restricted in some states/areas, if u are unsure please contact your local authorities to confirm legalities. By purchasing this item you confirm that you understand and have conformed to all laws within your state/territory. We will not be held responsible or liable for any reason of non-compliance.