Hitatare Kamishimo - Traditional Clothing Set

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Traditional Clothing Set

Hitatare Kamishimo (Traditional Japanese Clothing Set) translates to simply “upper and lower”.  There are many versions of Japanese clothing, however the hitatare kamishimo is considered to be one of the simplest of traditional Japanese clothing.

Unlike the traditional hitatare, the kamishimo was worn by both farmers and samurai alike.  At first, they were considered commoners’ garments and sleeping attire for the warrior and wealthy governing class. It is believed sometime in the Kamakura era  (1192 ~ 1333) it started to become more everyday wear for the samurai warrior class and often worn under the samurai’s armor set as simpler form of yoroi hitatare.  The hitatare kamishimo would become the common style of clothing throughout the Muromachi era (1336 ~ 1573) and would often be complemented with the kataginu which is a “vest” worn by the samurai warrior class, daimyo and bakufu (military government).

This 5 piece clothing set included the juban (under shirt), hakama shita (outer top), kukui umanori (traditional pre-edo tied hakama), kyahan (leggings), and uwa-obi (outer belt).  You can select many different custom options to make your hitatare kamishimo unique for you.  Optional accessories are the waraji (sandals), tabi (toe socks), gake-tabi (traditional socks), sandogasa (straw hat), mino (rain coat), kataginu (vest) and hikitate eboshi (hat).

Please Note: When selecting the wide sleeve option for the hakama-shita, they will include the loops and cord to tie them up.  The traditional kukui umanori tied hakama included were worn in the Kamakura and Muromachi eras and should not be confused with the more modern hakama worn from the Edo era forward till today, which are made and tied differently and feature a koshita (backboard). The uwa-obi should be able to wrap around your waist 2 or 3 times, so double or triple your waist circumference.


  • 5-piece traditional Japanese clothing set
  • Optional traditional materials
  • Custom tailored sizing is available


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