Hydrodipped ABS/Rubber Cosplay Katana

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Hydrodipped ABS/Rubber Cosplay Katana

 This handmade Hydrodipped Abs/rubber cosplay/bokken is an excellent tool for those wanting the benefit of having a genuine unique looking katana at cosplay events and training exercises without having to worry about it being a real blade.

Our Hydrodipped katana have been specially made to both look/ feel amazing and exactly the same as a traditional samurai katana so to as be as accurate as possible  .

Incorporating zinc alloy and copper fittings, faux ray skin on the Tsuka (handle) and an incredibly painted Hydrodipped traditional shaped ABS/rubber composite blade.   

A perfect beginner's tool for practicing the art of the Japanese katana.

 The design of this cosplay/training bokken is focused on simplicity, beauty, and safety.

 Made of high-grade ABS Rubber gives this katana more elasticity and flexibility than regular blades.

Also an excellent safe & legal alternative for Cosplay and Larp fans!

 Please note: These Bokken are made of ABS that is more flexible than the traditional bokken , so they may bend but like all things they are not designed to be bent consistently. 

Please care for your new blade with honour, ;)


●Material: Black Polypropylene (PP)
●Texture: Woodgrain finish
●Fixed/Removable Tsuba
●Total Length: 103cm
●Handle Length: 27cm
●Weight: 555g