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Manto Cloak, is a type of battle surcoat, similar to Jinbaori 陣羽織. It was originally known as a Manjira from the Portuguese word “Mantelo.” After the French started trading with the Japanese (Post Bakumatsu era), it became known as “Manto” (From the French Manteau). More simply known as a “Samurai Cloak” or “Samurai Cape” (depending on the length of course). It became very fashionable for the Samurai to wear this type of cloak, even more so after Oda Nobunaga himself started wearing this type of surcoat during his days of hegemony. The manto seems to had been more fashionable for those Daimyo and samurai where favored the Christians and foreign traders. Of course wool and silks samurai cloak were more costly so more common among higher ranking samurai and their wealthy Daimyo.  Lower ranking samurai, even ashigaru would wear a samurai cape made of simple asa (hemp linen) which could also have printed patterns.

Our Manto Cloaks are customizable, and look equally good worn over a suit of armour or by itself.  These are crafted from a durable woolen fabric. Because of the thickness, we cannot embroider the fabric. Instead, to apply a mon to the cloak, we offer the option of a traditional ink screen printing or modern heat transfer vinyl decal. The traditional print method will last the life of your clothing where the vinyl decal is prone to cracking and flaking. Standard size fits a person of 5′ 8″ (177 cm) tall and will come down to just below the waist.  You may select a shorter or taller height if you would like to change the overall length. Our Samurai Manto Cloak is from an original design and can be seen in the docudrama “Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan” by Netflix & the Smithsonian Channel.

Features samurai manto cloak

  • Options of different wool colors, materials, neck closures and trims are available
  • A clan or your own custom mon can be added for a small fee
  • Perfect for Re-Enactment, COSPLAY, LARP


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