Mino (Samurai Rain Cloak)

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Mino are samurai rain cape or cloak made from natural palm material and treated with a light natural wax to help repel water, while maintaining the longevity of the palm. Each samurai rain cape is meticulously and tightly hand-woven from natural palm fibers collected nearby the Iron Mountain Armory.

The mino or samurai rain cape, are worn over the armor to help protect the armor from the rain and snow, while keeping the warrior warm and dry inside. 

Japanese farmers, peasants, merchants and travelers would also wear mino as well, but of course smaller versions then what samurai would wear over their armor.  Rain capes are worn by samurai warriors of all ranks, as well as ronin, shinobi (ninja), monks, and other travelers.

Our traditional samurai rain capes can be worn with or without samurai armor. They go great with sandogasa (messenger’s hats).

Iron Mountain Armory traditionally handcrafts these mino samurai rain capes, making them a perfect addition to wearing / displaying with (or behind) your samurai armor set. They are also great for any historical re-enactors, cosplay, LARP or SCA wanting to add traditional Japanese garments to their character.

Our samurai armor, clothing and accessories are featured in many documentaries as well as the recent docudrama “Age of Samurai: Battle for JapanNetflix & by the Smithsonian Channel.

Features: mino

  • Traditional Mino design and material
  • Full sized to be worn with or without yoroi
  • Repels water and is durable

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